What is Acupuncture? Clare Acupuncture, Buckinghamshire, explains

Acupuncture in Wooburn Green

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) differs from Western medicine in both its understanding and approach.  TCM sees the body as being integrated, all things working together so treatments are primarily targeted at restoring and maintaining balance within the body.

A practitioner aims to identify the root cause of a patient’s problem to help improve their condition rather than treating a specific symptom in isolation. The root cause can be one or a number of causes. The approach can lead to a more permanent resolution.

For nearly every named western condition brought to a practitioner, Tiredness, Shortness of Breath, Nausea, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain Coughs, Colds Osteoarthritis of the Knee or simply just feeling Unwell, there is a complex weave of different syndromes and patterns within which is understood. The symptoms are important as a bridge between what you experience and how the practitioner makes sense of what you bring to them.

Every symptom has meaning within the Eastern tradition.

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